How to Post a Job on Handshake

New to Ensign College?

If you are interested in posting jobs for Ensign College students, do not have a current Handshake account, and meet the requirements outlined in both the Recruiting Guidelines and Recruiting Policy, you may follow the below steps to post the job yourself:

Step 1: Go to Handshake

Step 2: Fill out information and select "Sign Up"

Step 3: Next, fill out your recruiting interests as well as your Alma Matter and select Next: "Employer Guidelines"

Step 4: Please review our Employer Guidelines and select Next: "Confirm Email" Once you have completed this process, a Recruiting Facilitator at Ensign College will review your request within three business days. If everything is favorable, they will accept your electronic access request and you will be able to automatically have access to post jobs, although you will have to confirm your email address first.

Already have an Account?

Done setting your account?

Follow the steps:

STEP 1: Go to Handshake

STEP 2: Click on: "Employer"

STEP 3: Click on: "Log In" located in the top right hand corner

STEP 4: On the Home section, select "Post a Job" on the left column

STEP 5: Please fill in all of the necessary information. Use the arrows labelled < Previous and Next > to navigate throughout your request. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required

STEP 6: Select Create to finish