Journaling Emma Heard Genesis 3+12, Exodus 1-3

Genesis 3: This chapter shows a main way that Satan tricks us: He lies. More specifically, about God and how he feels toward us. Satan makes it sound like God hates us and wants the worst of us.

Genesis 12: Abraham trusted God 100%, believing that God had a plan for his life. God did, so this is a lesson to us. We should trust God because no matter how it may seem, God knows what he is doing.

Exodus 1: The pharaoh did not want any of the Israelite boys to live. Why did he only say kill the boys? Why did he say to spare the girls?

Exodus 2: Pharaoh's daughter chose Moses' mother to care for him. I believe that God made this happen because he did not want Moses and his mother to be apart.

Exodus 3: God speaks to Moses and tells him to go and speak to the Pharaoh but Moses is afraid. This shows that even the most faithful people can be afraid and not trust God sometimes.

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