Skin Cancer Camden Cohick, Mark Livengood

How does skin cancer affect the body

Skin cancer starts in the epidermis, the top layer of the skin. Once the DNA in the skin cells changes it cause the skin cells to grow at a rapid pace and creates a lump on the skin. This is most commonly gained from to much exposer to the sun. This causes what we typical know as skin cancer, red marks, lumps.

Skin Cancer treatments

Some of the most common treatments for skin cancer are, curettage, in which a doctor takes a sharp object and cuts the lump off then electrocutes the remaining cancer cells, also known as electrodesiccation. Surgical excision, much like curettage the doctor cuts the skin off but they cut off some more and sew the skin back together. Cryosurgery, the doctor kills the cancer by freezing it. And Moh's surgery, this surgery involves cutting the skin off and going down until no more cancer cells are present

Dominant or recessive?

Skin cancer is recessive

Healthy vs Unhealthy


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