America In 1800s by Nick Johnson

What it meant to be an American in the 1800s

To be an american in the 1800s was to be proud to be alive and to be able to serve your country by making itself its own original art styles and to make it seem like its own nation. Being an american means to have pride in its own country because at the time all you could do is contribute to your country and live your own life. Or you could also make a living from being an artist and creating a style that will become original to america. This time is considered as the era of good feelings because it was the golden age of america; they were thriving, growing, and making their own styles of symbolism. It gives you a sense of pride because it lets you know that you are making an influence on a new nation that has just survived a war.

The unique thing about the new stories that were made at this time were that they were different in the sense that they used the rigid landscape and big forests to make a sense of unknown that makes the readers want to keep reading so they find out more about the setting of the story. Most of the stories at this time have a lot of supernatural themes to them. For example, the stories of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle were both set in the forest and both had supernatural themes to them.

Another thing that makes the stories of the early 1800s unique and different from the ones of the old world is that they are stories that are based off the events that had happened in America. Almost all the stories told in the 1800s were set in the forest, setting an ongoing theme with American stories which is what makes them original. If you were anything in the 1800s you had to have some sense of pride in what you were doing for a living because it seems like the only choices in the 1800s to make a living off of was to be a politician, an artist, a musician, or a writer of a story. During the 1800s it made you proud when you did any of that because during that time they were making their own original, national theme of what American style was.

Some of the music made in America during the 1800s turned into some of America’s national anthems, including The Star-Spangled Banner which came from an English tune, and America which was written in 1832 by Samuel Francis Smith, with the beginning to the tune of “God save the King”. The instruments used for a lot of the folk songs consisted of banjo, drum, violin, and fiddle. European orchestras from the north liked to play classical music. Female dancers would sometimes lift their petticoats to show off their footwork.

There is a sense of individualism in the fact that during the Era Of Good Feelings everyone in America was just doing their own thing when they were trying to make their form of originality in the new types of music, art, and literature. Some people would work together when in a band or in a party when dancing, or when being taught about art.


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