NASA High School Aerospace Scholars Camryn Hiday

What is it?

A program through NASA distinctly for Texas high school students who are interested in the study of space. It allows students to experience and explore the possibilities of a STEM, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, related major or career.

To join the program, it is required to complete and submit an application. Once accepted, you join an online course where you are required to complete one interactive lesson each week on NASA activities related to space exploration, earth science, technology and aeronautics or design challenges such as 3D drawing, video creation, and interactive poster designs. If all of the assignments are efficiently completed by the given time, you are given the opportunity of an onsite summer experience at NASA's Johnson Space Center.

Johnson Space Center

The Online Course

The program is structured to span from November to February, with a different section each month...

Getting There, Discovering There, Living There, and Working There

And in each section, there are four different topics...

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Each topic contains articles, videos, a quiz, and an activity.

It is recommended to do an assignment each week and the fourth week is when that entire section is due. The articles and videos are used to complete the quiz. Once you score a 60 or higher on it, you get access to the activity.

Getting There

I have already completed this section of the course. Here is what I had to do....


This activity had us write an essay over the advancements of a particular space telescope or satellite. I had chosen to write about the James Webb Telescope and how its launch in 2018 will transform our understanding of astrophysics and the origins of galaxies, stars, and planetary systems.

James Webb Telescope

This activity had us explore three biomimicry technologies used by NASA today and write on a discussion board between other scholars of our favorite one. Biomimicry is an innovative approach that engineers have used to develop new technologies by emulating nature. The ones we were introduced to were...

Gecko Grippers

Spider Bot

Morphing Wing Aircraft


This activity required us to download a program to complete a design challenge. We were to create a 3D mock satellite.


This activity had us work calculus problems using a spherical coordinate system to determine the distance of objects in space to Earth.

Example of Work


After each section you must complete an assessment to access the next section. Currently I have passed the test and am working on the Science subject of the next section.

This program so far has been incredibly eye-opening to me in regards to what NASA is all about, i.e. careers, technologies, and achievements. The experience has already been very enjoyable and I plan on continuing working hard so I can complete the opportunity with a trip to the Johnson Space Center in Houston to further guide me into a potential career.


Created with images by skeeze - "milky way andromeda stars" • tpsdave - "johnson space center houston texas" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Visits Baltimore" • AGeekMom - "NASA Meatball"

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