Globalization Is Making The World A Stronger Place

Globalization is making the world a better place in many ways. One way that globalization helps is by ending world poverty. It does this by providing more options for people around the world. This means that people can have access to cheaper products. Another way that globalization makes the world a better place is by letting people buy goods from around the world. With globalization people can get materials for their companies from around the world. Products will be cheaper this way because a certain place will sell a product for less. Globalization also lets people get information around faster than any other way.

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Mt. Everest is not worth climbing

In my opinion Mt. Everest is not worth climbing. I think that it is not worth climbing because it costs too much, it is too dangerous and takes a long time to do. The average attempt to climb Mt. Everest costs $65,000 to $100,000. This big amount of money could be used for much more important things like an education. There are 223 people that have died trying to climb Mt. Everest and that means that four out of one-hundred people die trying it. An attempt to climb Mt. Everest takes roughly 6-9 weeks if you are a non-experienced hiker. Not many people have tried to climb Mt. Everest and that is because it is not worth it.

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There are many good ways that having a valuable resource can affect a region. One way that having a valuable resource can affect a region is by giving the countries people more money. Kuwait and the UAB have a very high per capita gross domestic product also know as a GDP. They both have small populations and they both produce or refine lots of crude oil. This means that the average person living in Kuwait or the UAB should make a good amount of money. Another way that having a valuable resource can affect a region is by increasing life expectancy. If a country has lots of a valuable resource usually they can make a lot of money off of it. A country can use this money for medical purposes. Researchers from the United Nations found out that life expectancy has increased by fifteen years in Southwest Asia. A valuable resource can do many good things and bad things to a country at the same time. People should take advantage of the good things that a valuable resource can bring to their country in order to survive.

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There are many different ways that people adapt to living in a desert region. One way that people have adapted to living in a desert region is by wearing a certain type of clothing. In the Ergs the Tuareg wear long flowing blue robes. This kind of clothing protects them from the scorching sun while keeping them cool at the same time by letting cool breezes flow through it. The Tuareg wrap blue cloth around their heads and across their faces. One other way that people have adapted to living in a desert region is by moving to an oasis. Oasis’s provide water for people that live near them or nomads that travel and stop at them some time. In an oasis some farmers grow cash crops. Cash crops are crops like dates, wheat, barley and vegetables. These farmers will then trade these crops for something that they can’t get in an oasis but visiting nomads can. Throughout the history of people that have lived in a desert region many adaptations had to be made to survive the brutal climate.

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What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

Within supranational cooperation there are forces that work for it. One force that works for supranational cooperation is the trade bloc. The trade bloc makes it so that the countries in the EU can trade with each other and so they can trade altogether as a group with other countries that are out of the EU. Another force that works for supranational cooperation is the common market. The common market lets. Any trade in the EU that crosses borders will without a tariff. This saves everybody in the EU money. The trade bloc and common market are two important centripetal forces in the EU.

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What is the most effective style of government and why?

Representative Democracy is the most effective style of government. It is the most effective because it give people a reasonable rights and responsibilities. Democracy means that the government is ruled by the people. People's lives should always be fair because the people are the ones who make their own decisions. According to the constitution decisions about changing laws should almost always be fair because the only way to change the laws is if the people and representatives vote for it. Representative Democracy is better than Direct Democracy because people do not have time to vote for everything. Representative Democracy is a style of government that has been used for a long time and so far it has been very successful.

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What makes a good citizen?

A citizen is someone who has certain responsibilities and rights and can live in a country as long as they can. A good citizen is someone who accepts the responsibilities and rights and follows them. One responsibility is paying your taxes if you are a good citizen you would pay them. A good citizen takes advantage of their rights. One right is voting, voting helps your country make the right decision. If you vote you always have to be honest.

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