CARRY NATION Carry nation born from kanas

Carry Nation was born on November 25,1846. Carry nation had 6 brothers and 2 sisters.She had got married with Charles in 1867 and then she got pregnant with her Daughter, after that she broke up with Charles and got married with David Nation 1901 but she had no kids with him.

The place Carry Nation was born is Garrard Coutry ,Kentucky.After half of her live there she had moved to leaven worth Kansas.She went to college at University of central Missouri.

Her husband had died in 1903,but sadly after he died she died in jun 9, 1911.She said before she had died she hopes that someone else will do what she did.Her Daughter wants to do what her mom did her daughter is 72 years old.

Leavenworth Kansas the place she died 1911....

What she had accomplished was to stop people from drinking alcohol,but a few years later,people all around the world hated that she had stop people from drinking alcohol and wanted to hurt her.

I like her because she makes me want to STOP drugs and to STOP weed and alcohol again.

I would ask her how did you stop people from drinking alcohol and do you hope when you die other people would STOP things like that and if you lived longer what else would you stop any thing else.One day i would like to interview her daughter.

Carry Nation loved to go to rainbows with her husband David. Sometimes they would have picnics there or sometimes they go at night and look at the stars.


In school carry was the smarty farty got a lot'e of A+

Here is a story that me Mallory can relate to.

HI my name is Mallory,here is a couple things i can relate to.So I all ways want to stop stuff like on my street I all ways want to stop people from speeding and I do just till them to stop speeding and if they aren't speeding I say thanks for going slow,so that is what I try to stop on are street.

in 1854,the civil war on the horizon,Carry's father moved the family to High Grove Farm near Belton in Cass County,Missouri.Rather than finding peace,Carry's family found people divided over political 1862 the Moores moved again,this time to Texas.

Prohibitionist Carry Nation smashes up the bar at the Carey Hotel in Wichita,Kansas,causing several thousand dollars in damage and landing in jail.Nation, who was released shortly after the incident,became famous for carrying a hatchet and wrecking saloons as part of her anti-alcohol crusade.


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