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The Demise of Gaia - 2019 Release
New Album in the Works
I have the utmost respect and a love affair with Nature. It is precious, fragile and should not be taken for granted!


The second video - Change - from The Demise of Gaia has a message for us all....unless, we do something to change our ways, our precious mother will die and so will all life.

Greed has brought us to our knees...Liars, Deniers conspire to profit from their deeds.

River: Water is Life

The first video - River- from The Demise of Gaia, is dedicated to the Standing Rock protesters. Brave women and men who have peacefully stood their ground and continue to defy armed forces representing our elected government officials. These politicians are aligned with greedy corporations that have no respect for native sacred grounds nor the importance of our fragile environment.

Coming soon on iTunes, CD Baby and other online sources.
In 2015, I released my first solo album - Cacophony of Life
Cacophony of Life abounds. Listen to that Funky Sound. Everywhere there's a pulsing beat. Nod your head and tap your feet. There's no relief from the funk so sweet.

The Anagram Principle

Co-founded The Anagram Principle with long-time friend, musician and collaborator - Tedd Arnold

Realm of Being

The Anagram Principle released Realm of Being in 2013 on Earth Cat Records


And, Inventor in 2015 on Earth Cat Records

Odd Martian Equation

Odd Martian Equation Preview

BEAT workstation by Studiodesk

I record using:

An 27" 5k iMac - 3.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 processor with 32 GB Ram on board. Boot camp/Win10 loaded with Sonar Platinum and MacOS Sierra with Albeton Live 9 with Novation 64 Impulse controller. My interface is a M-Audio Fast Track C600 with M-Audio BX5 & BX8 monitors. Vocals are recorded using a RODE NT1-A Microphone with sE isolation panel.

I also record using Jordan Rudess' Morphwiz, Geo Synthesizer and GEOShred on my iPAD to trigger MIDI.

Keys and vintage synths: Roli Seaboard 25, Novation Impulse 49, Ensoniq Mirage DSK, Yamaha P-80 Digital Piano, Roland XV-5050 and a white Moog Liberation

Rack of toys: - 2 Yamaha TX81Z, Yamaha SPX-90, Alesis HR-16, Alesis microsynth and JLCooper MSB-Rev2, Akai ME25S midi mapper, Furman Power Conditioner and Korg Line Mixer.

Acoustic/Electric Guitars: - Yamaha NTX70 Nylon-string, Ovation Celebrity Deluxe, Luna VISTA Bear A/E, Luna VISTA Eagle 12 string A/E, Washburn WIDLXSPLTD Electric and Ibanez SR-500 bass

1985: Radian


In the 80's, Bob composed and played keyboards for Radian - a Pittsburgh-based Progressive Rock band.

Radian - Grafitti, Pittsburgh 1986
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