What is Wild Thing Yoga? About Miriam

Miriam Rogers, is a certified Akhanda Yoga Teacher, a mom, and an entrepreneur based in Castle Rock Colorado. As she prepared to open up her own Yoga studio in Colorado, the plan suddenly ended with the country shutting down due to Co-Vid 19. As a way to help others, Miriam began the Facebook page, Wild-Thing Yoga. Here, she created free yoga and fitness videos for people who found themselves unable to pay for online classes or unable to return to their studios to practice. Miriam's mission is to bring yoga home, and Miriam is committed to creating a virtual yoga studio that captures the essence of what yoga is in the safety and comfort of home.


Hi, I am so glad you are here. I have been practicing Yoga for over 15 years and teaching for seven. I love teaching creative Vinyasa style classes and Yoga fitness classes. My classes are real Yoga experiences. My lineage is Akhanda Yoga which is a holistic approach that encapsulates each limb of Yoga. I like offering simple instructions, laughter, chanting, setting intentions, meditation, pranayama, mudra and I am not afraid to bring all parts of the practice of yoga to you in a real honest way. I am a dedicated Yogi who lives my practice and I am so grateful to share what has changed my life with you.

my sweet family

About Frank

You have probably noticed Frank and Nina in some (most) of my videos. I found Frank when I was leaving work as a teacher. He was on the road sniffing the ground looking very skinny and hungry. We brought Frank home and discovered that he is deaf, and partially blind. He's the sweetest dog you will ever meet. Nina, who sometimes shows up on the videos briefly, is my best friend. She is a rescue Affenpinscher mix and very loyal and clever. She's good at dancing and has terrible breath. She's my spirit animal and she thinks Frank is an idiot.


As a Florida girl, I absolutely love living in Colorado. Learning how to ski at 40, hiking on the weekends and riding bikes with my family in the higher altitude is amazing. I never knew I would love the mountains so much. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with me on my adventures with my family and friends, I am so grateful you are here and I would love to connect!