Coding Jam @ Future Classroom Lab 20th of October 2017

Future Classroom Lab along with European Schoolnet and the Future Classroom Lab ambasaddors have organized the second edition of the FCL Coding Jam.

Teams from across Europe took part to the event developing their prototypes around three main themes:

  • Digital Creativity
  • Future of Learning
  • Problem Solving

We would like to thank all the team that have joined us and have connected with us during the day!

Social Media: #HandsOnHack

We are now going to announce the four most outstanding projects of the second Coding Jam!

With a special mention for "citizenship 2.0"

SAJT 2.0 from Hungary!

With a project on improving the zebra crossing.

"It is a sensor that senses pedestrians who are about to cross. It then shines up a light which would make cars stop by themselves".

With a special mention for "Ocean Matter"

CODE'r Us from Portugal!

With a project on collecting garbage in the oceans!

"It is a robotic structure attached to an ocean floater. It would have a thermal sensor that detects objects in the ocean with no heat (non-living objects). When it detects such objects, it will throw a net and pull it back into a storage container."

With a special mention for "Every vote counts"

EvGymVIE from Austria

With a project on tackle election fraud and establish secure voting!

"It is an encrypted voting system to ensure safe voting and tackle election fraud."

With a special mention for "Coding Initiative"

MM Programmers from Serbia

With a project on stock exchange prediction!

"StockMage is a stock exchange prediction software. Its an android App. The user can get predictions for stock exchange."

We would also like to mention these teams for their awesome work:

  • Mouseclickers
  • QIElevado
  • Targ Team
  • The PaRK Coders
  • PITH
  • Trust me, i'm an engineer

A big thank you to all the teams that have participated!

See you next year!


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