Just started a new religion! #Buddhism is number one! -@sIddHarthagotama

Our son, Prince Siddhartha has been Born! The year is 563 BCE


My little boy is growing up! @SiddharthaGotama is such a intelligent boy! -@MomOfSiddhartha

Just won my first archery match! #letsgo #thenextkatnisseverdeen -@SiddharthaGotama

Let's hope my son can become the saint i want him to be! #familybeforeeverything -@ TheKing

Just spotted a old man that seemed sad, so I gave him a couple bucks! #loveveryone -@TheKing

Currently traveling the new city! Let's hope it's everything a want it to be! -@ThePrinceGang

Omg! I just saw a big group of mourners carrying dead bodies! OMG #no -@ThePrinceGang

I don't know why but my son seems so sad! I've tried cheering him up but it just isn't working! #ineedhelp -@TheKing

Guys I've decided that I'm leaving my family and town, thank you for everything. #ilLmissyouall -@ThePrinceGang

Currently living in the forest! let's see how this goes! #RiskyBiz -@ThePrinceGang

I have realized that I have been rejecting my bodily needs, my nightmares have been getting worse and I can't do anything. I've been tempted to do bad things but I will not, you guys have to trust me. #Together -@ThePrinceGang


Created with images by sasint - "ancient architecture asia" • Jonathan Chen Photography - "Mogoke Monastery." • awenstrom - "pagoda spires temple" • Kimtaro - "Kinkakuji" • KasunChamara - "monk path buddhist" • maxlkt - "theravada buddhism monk's bowl buddhist" • Tedd - "wat suan dok pagoda buddhism" • Cea. - "Bronze figure of Padmapani, Nepal, 14 century" • indi.ca - "Kurunegala Buddha Statue" • oladybug0 - "Temple Detail" • maxlkt - "lotus water lily bud" • TuendeBede - "buddha statue buddhism"

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