MMHS Counseling Newsletter December 2020

Happy Holidays from the Counseling Staff! This is a wonderful time of year, a time when counselors are preparing for many changes with a new semester beginning, and planning for the following school year.

Sophomore PCCR's are setup here for students and parents. Counselors presented materials and the process for sophomore PCCR's in the student's English classes . Make sure to first complete the survey, and go through additional steps to help you plan your next couple of years. Contact your counselor if you have any questions about programs, credits, scholarships, etc.

Civics Exam: Now would be a good time for students to complete their Civics Exam if they have not already done so. Remember, all students need to pass the Civics to fulfill their graduation requirements. We recommend that our students complete this exam in the next couple of weeks. They must be on a Nebo District network to take the test. Students can access the test on their Canvas portal by selecting "courses" and then "Civics 20-21." Students can then print out their certificate once they've passed the exam and give a counselor a copy to mark as done in I-Campus.

Regents Scholarship Update: The Utah System of Higher Education has some new information regarding the ACT requirement for this year's Regent Scholarship applicants.

Class changes will happen in two time different frames. Seniors need to complete class changes during November 30th- December 4th. An online class change form will be on the front page of our MMHS Counseling website. Seniors can meet with their counselor if they need help with graduation requirements.

Class changes for sophomores and juniors will take place January 4th-14th with a cost of $10. Students need to pay in the finance office or through myschoolfees.com immediately or their account will be charged. Please respect the January 14th deadline. We will not be doing changes after this date so that we may start 2nd semester smooth and provide consistency to teachers who need to build complex seating charts, etc.

Upcoming Events:

November 30th-December 4th- Seniors can request class changes during this time for 2nd semester. An online class change form will be posted on the Counseling Website. Seniors must meet with their counselor if interested in No Credit Release.

December 4th- Priority Deadline for the Regents Scholarship. Regents scholarship just dropped the requirement of an ACT score.

December 15th- Deadline for BYU Application.

December 21st-January 3rd- Christmas Break

January 4th-14th- Class changes through online form for sophomores and juniors. The form will be posted on the Counseling website. There will be a $10 charge for all class changes.

Scholarship Information

December 1st- NHS (National Honor Society) Scholarship Due

December 4th- Regents Priority Deadline

December 31st- JumpStart Scholarship Due

January 14th- Airforce ROTC Scholarship due. Information below

January 15th- USCA Scholarship-Senior that plans on college in the Fall of 2021 and has been influenced by a school counselor in their lives


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