The Seventh Tuesday We Talk About the Fear of Aging

Morrie dose not mind aging that much because hes happy with the life he lived, Growing old to Morrie is gaining knowledge growing more humble as time passes. Morrie dose not envy the young because they dwell on getting old instead of worrying about living a goof life. He's satisfied with the life he lived so he doesn't envy younger people because he was to start life over younger. Morrie envy's the young because of things like swimming, being fit , and other simple things.

Morrie says "all this emphasis on youth-I don't buy it," (Albom117)

Morrie taught Mitch that with aging comes knowledge and superiority. love and happiness. unless u dwell on getting old and are worried about materialistic things.

I used this cane as a symbol because once u get to a certain age it might be harder for u to walk. This cane represents the fear of aging.


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