Fullerton fact El Camino Real Bell By Brenner

In my opinion the El Camino Real Bell is a important piece of history.And here are some reasons why it is Inportant.The Bell is made of cast metal and from what I know is that it is a strong metal well isn't every metal strong.You can find the bells in downtown Fullerton,San Diego,the 101 freeway and a lot more places but that is all I know so far.The bell was used to mark the route of the El Camino Real mission so the people know they are going the right way.Because back then they did not have roads so it all looked alike so they can not tell if there going the right way.Did you know that El Camino Real means the Kings highway or the Royal road because I never knew that just in till know because I never really thought about that just till know.So that is all the facts I know so see you later.


Created with images by Orange County Archives - "El Camino Real bell"

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