"Alice" Essay by Trinidi Turner, Photos by Chaz Becht

On Wednesday, August 30, students attended a convocation in the auditorium where members of the Drama Club assisted in a demonstration on "Alice." Alice is a new lock down strategy that Paoli High School is learning. "Alice" stands for Alert, Lock down, Inform, Counter, Evacuate. Paoli students also demonstrated a situation in which an intruder came into the classroom and the students had no warning. They used the "rush" strategy, this strategy is where you throw anything you can at the intruder and try to get the weapon out of their hand.

Students attacking an "Intruder".

Alice trainers train you on how to break and window and where it will break easily. The trainers also taught how to evacuate out of high floors and windows.

Principal Chad Johnson informing Paoli students on what Alice is.
Students gathering in the corner of the classroom for a lockdown.

They also practiced the original lock down drill where all the students push things against the door. They all gather in a corner where they cannot be seen and try to be quiet as they can.

Students rushing at the intruder.

Photos by Chaz Becht

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