Jaws Shark attack

Great white Sharks live in waters as deep 300 meters,they can reach 1200 meters below sea level. They can be found in different coast like the gulf coast, south america, Australia,New Zealand Hawaii Japan and east China. www.sharks-world.com

Great white sharks bite force 1,235 ponds. The salt water crocodile has a more powerful bit some say it is easier to lift a truck off your leg than to open a the salt water crocodile mouth.

Sharks can swim 10,000 feet below the surface. (www.nytimes.com)

sharks do other things than eat and swim such mate. www.shark-world.com

They are called great white sharks because they have white bellies. www.sharkswatchsa.com

The biggest great white sharks can be as big as 20 feet long. A average male are as big as 11-13 feet, females are 15-16 feet long. https://ocean.si.edu/ocean.

Some great white sharks can go 2 to 3 hours with out air

Its undetermend if great white sharks are territorial or not. merrnedio.org

Great white sharks can have up to 2 to 12 babies at a time. https://ocean-si.edu

Great white sharks are man eating machines over 6 people die each year by great white sharks. www. livesience.com


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