Adobe MAX Day 1 Keynote, Community Pavilion and ADAA Reception in Pictures

Adobe MAX Day 1 was full of excitement and activity. The keynote focus was on how Adobe continues to move forward with innovation and - of course - a showcase of the new application releases, including official releases of Adobe XD (now out of beta) and Adobe Dimension (formerly Project Felix).

The opening keynote for MAX is always filled with amazement and wonder. Not only is it the time that Adobe gratefully acknowledges its customer base – 12,000 of whom were in attendance and paying to be at MAX – but it’s also the day when we announce all the updates and newly released products that are part of an ever-expanding Creative Cloud.

Adobe CIO Shantanu Narayan not only thanked the crowd for attending MAX but also took the time to somberly reflect on the recent tragedy in LasVegas.

Adobe exists and continues to grow for two reasons: great products and a huge customer base of professionals and hobbyists. These two elements are critically and inextricably combined. Everyone who works for Adobe believes in what we are doing, how we are helping our customers and that we are here to serve that huge and growing community, delivering quality software and experiences. Maybe that sounds a bit marketing-speech, but I believe it’s true.

We announced three brand new products – Adobe XD, Adobe Dimension and a totally new, built from the ground up Lightroom CC, with a complete cloud-centric workflow and more intuitive interface. Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom Web also received significant visual and functional updates. In fact, the user interface (UI) of LR CC, Mobile and Web are all now very similar, making it incredibly easy to move from one screen or device to another, without feeling the need to relearn the product.

The Lightroom CC everyone has known is still alive and well. Now monikered Lightroom CC Classic, the local storage workflow has been improved with faster performance in many customer-requested areas, as well as luminance and color selective editing controls.

Adobe Spark – our cloud-focused, easy-to-use digital story telling toolset came into the big leagues at MAX as well, with new Premium features for creating personally branded content. Spark Page, Post and Video now all support the ability for you to easily incorporate your logo, custom colors and in the case of Spark Page, granular control over almost all aspects of the content display. In fact, you're seeing a l lot of those features in this Spark Page!

Adobe’s investment in machine learning and artificial intelligence, Adobe Sensei, was integrated into almost every presentation in the keynote. Sensei is fast becoming an integral part of all the product offerings, from image search and replacement, cataloging content, image selection and even image curation ad suggestion.

One of my responsibilities while at MAX (other than semi-official photographer) was as a Teaching Assistant for several workshops. On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of working with Nicole Delesio in her Mobile Photography and Creativity on the Go. An accomplished elementary school teacher and photographer in her own right, Nicole shared inspirational ideas on how to work with Lightroom Mobile, Photoshop Mix and Adobe Capture in her 90-minute hands on workshop.

More story to come!

ADAA Awards Reception

The Adobe Design Achievement Awards reception was held at Tussaud’s Wax Museum in the Palazzo. Some eerily realistic (and some not) replicants of Hollywood and music celebrity were scattered about the museum and - surprisingly to me - within touching and posing distance.

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