Drew McConnell Digital Citizenship The 10 Various Things To Ponder Upon Before You Upload

Remember the golden rule:

Treat others how you want to be treated

Don't post stuff if it would offend you if posted by someone else

Don't brag if you have lots of various, beautifully constructed possessions.

No one wants to hear about all the things they don't have and you do have.

Avoid TMI (too much information)

Don't get too personal about stuff people wouldn't want to know.

Think about the reader.

Don't post something about everything you do.

Keep relationship details to yourself

Don't post you and your "partner" kissing or anything like that.

Don't be cryptic

No one wants to hear your sob story

Quit complaining

You don't need pity for everything. Don't be a crybaby.

Curate your photos

Don't post stuff that is inappropriate, unnecessary, or irrelevant.

Change your privacy settings.

Make your account private, unless you want creeps all over your account.

Post smart.

Be smart about what your post. Spread some love.


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