Patricia Elliott Digital Photography 1, period 6

This photo was for the eye photo challenge in class. I had to take a photo of eyes in a unique way with at least three composition elements. Here I used contrast, simplicity and rule of thirds. I used one of my classmates as a model and angled my camera from her eyes and got this photo.
Here is my photo for the framing photo challenge. Some composition elements I used were contrast, point of view, simplicity, rule of thirds and of course framing. I set up the photo by having the leafs on on the right side of my photo and having a frame be the light bark chips be an outside frame and the dark soil be the inner framing.
This was our second photo challenge in class and it was shoes in a unique way. The elements of composition I used was point of view, simplicity, and contrast. I used my shoes and placed them to get a unique way of them for a picture.
This photo is one of my favorite photos that I've taken. It's a leaf on a spider web. I used point of view, contrast, diagonals, simplicity and rule of thirds as the elements of composition. This was for a composition shooting assignment, using 4 or more elements.
This photo was for our food photo CBA and photo challenge. I had to use a shallow depth of field and a dramatic shadow. I used the candy and set it like it was spilling out of the container. The elements of composition I used were diagonals, simplicity, point of view, and contrast.

Artist Statement: I make my art because it gets out my creativity and imagination. Just who I am inspires me to make my photos because I use the things I like or is interest to me in my photos. My photos just represents me, I take my imagination and what I think will bring a unique way for the object. I guess just the way I bring a focus on the object and make it pop in the photo is unique. My photos mean a lot to me because it's my own way in putting what I think is creativity and uniqueness. My photos are things I think are pretty and interesting ad not much of just a typical photo.

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