By Your Side Kasie west

The overall location of my book, is a library. As the reader of this book I imagine the library to be really big and to have a lot of space by the entrance, kind of like a public library. Also, this book makes me feel different about libraries because the two characters are not just reading the whole time.
One specific location would be the library. The library is very big because in the book Autumn said that sometimes they may have shows or performances in there. Also, that there are four floors, which contain a kitchen, a room with a tv in it, and the first floor which has a lot of space, but some rooms for tables. Lastly, in the library, Autumn and Dax spend a lot of time in the main floor of the library, the tv room, and the kitchen to look for food.
In my book, I think that it takes place during winter and probably took place in like 2005 in their senior year. I imagine that Autumn and Dax would have flip phones or phones that are not like the ones we have today. Also, I feel like it's winter time during the story because it says that when Autumn usually looks out the door or the windows, she can only see snow covering the ground.
The weather of this book is that it's snowing and there is hardly any sun. Also, it's very cold in the library because of the temperature of thermostat and they can't turn it down. Also, it makes me imagine that the glass on the windows are all fogged up and you can't see anything and that there are huge piles of snow on the roads. Lastly, it makes me feel and think how cold it actually would be, when Autumn says that she is cold in the library.

In my book, there are different types of people with different personalities. In the first section, there are a group of people that Autumn hangs out with, but then she ends up only stuck with one person. Autumn describes Dax as a jerk at first but then he changes to a total different person, which makes me think, what it would be like if I was stuck with a person like that. Lastly, Autumn is a person who is mostly happy but is a person who likes to find out something about someone else.

There are many different objects that are used but there are some main ones. Autumn and Dax wear sweatshirts and Dax has extra clothes in his bag. Also, Dax brings a sleeping bag that he lets Autumn use to sleep with because she is cold. Another object that they use is that the two of them play cards, so that Autumn can find out more about Dax.

The overall mood of the book, is that it's very stressful because Autumn is trying to escape and get out of the library. At the same time in this part they are also happy and enjoying theirselves talking by talking to each other. The setting helps create the overall mood and contributes because the story wouldn't be as interesting and like in my book, the library affects the mood because their stuck in the library and because of the setting, it makes you want to read more and find out what happens.

The setting affects the story so far because it adds more to the story and brings more excitement to everything. Also, that if there were no setting then it wouldn't be a big part, an example would be that if Autumn wasn't stuck in the library and ended up going to the cabin, then it would make the story a little boring. It's good because the setting in this book helps the book to flow and adds more excitement to it too. Another example would be that it's good that there is mostly a main setting, which is the library, because if there weren't a setting and if there weren't just one main setting, then it would make the story more confusing and it wouldn't have a focus on one setting.


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