teamHODL 2.0 EP press kit

Presenting the sophomore EP by the OG Crypto Rap group, teamHODL!

After weathering both personal and financial bear market turns (Hashbrown had to tear down his recording studio in San Francisco, and has been building an off grid tiny home/ recording studio), teamHODL is triumphantly returning to reclaim their mantle in the blockchain entertainment space.

Although the market has seen recent price movement and solid gains, the crypto culture has remained strides behind. teamHODL is looking forward to providing a catalyst and rallying cry to those who know that the blockchain revolution is not a matter of if, but when.

Much like teamHODL's 2017 debut EP, "2.0" transmutes poignant commentary on the blockchain space into ear-catching anthems. The six track project will be released February 23, 2021.

  1. Bull Market Friends
  2. Fiat Rappers
  3. Code Dependent
  4. Crypto Queen
  5. Well enDAO’d
  6. Crypto Summer
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