3D print by Asher. G Baaaaaaaaaaa


My design is a lamb I did it because I like lambs I found it by searching sheep I changed the size of the positive shape and made it lower I made sure it was simple so it would print well my picture is pretty much a outline and my idea of it always stayed the same I wanted to show how much I like lambs I got the idea from liking sheep I did all of this in photoshop


The 3D print machine uses thread I made my print in photoshop to begin you turn the machine on and when done I took it off the machine


My print turned out well because of its simplicity I think I balanced the positive and negative shapes well by lowering positive shapes I'm proud of my print but I could make it more complex the 3D print machine was interesting it was difficult to figure out when to pull the thread I think this project was awesome


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