Photography critique by Amanda & Angelina

Biography of Douglas E. Walker

Douglas was born in Brockville, Ontario in 1958, he attended Ontario Collage of Arts and graduated with an honours diploma in 1981. in Douglas early years he had an interest in tattoo culture and he then began to expand his artistic abilities to produce black and white photograms of landscapes, street graffiti and small oil paintings that evolved into larger ones. Walkers recent works consist of a blue and white theme of dreamy scenes of landscapes and architectural structures. Douglas also enjoys painting, he uses his own technique to create unique elegant art. some interesting facts of Walker is the scale of his picture sizes that range from an entire art gallery wall (14 by 76 feet) to normal size. Douglas has won a wide variety of awards including grants from the Canada Council of Arts and his art works have been displayed across Canada and in New York.

Reasons Why We Chose Him

We chose Douglas E. Walker because of his unique, dramatic photographs of landscapes. we also chose him because of his variety of blue and white themed photographs that caught our eyes unlike other photographers.

5 pieces of his art work

From album; Places
From album; People
From album; Gallery 1
From album; MEXICO

The next 3 pictures are from his album RR (Roaming Red Rocker)

Photo Critique

the value in this picture has a high contrast. the artist did a good job expressing the mood in this picture using value. the artist could have improved on the colour of this piece, he put a really high contrast making the photo colours become more washed out and not using the composition technique of simplicity.

the artist did not use clarity in this photo, instead he used a high contrast filter to make our eyes focus on the windmills. the artist could've used clarity to have the focus more on the windmills.

the photographer did follow the rule of thirds. he placed the focus point in the middle, allowing our eyes to naturally focus there. in our opinion the artist followed the composition techniques perfectly to make sure everything was entered and even.

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