Pierre Lescot By: Ava Gaudette

The Architect

Pierre Lescot was a famous architect born in 1500 in Paris, France and he died September 10, 1578 also In Paris. He did not travel very far from his place of birth and remained in Paris for the rest of his life. As a young man he studied architecture, painting, and mathematics at Fontainebleau. He lived a very good life, having grown up in a rich household and being in the good graces of the Kings. Kings François I, Henri II, François II, Charles IX and Henri III were all patrons of his. Lescot was an artist who generally used classicism and idealism in his works, having many arches columns, and an overall stately and desierable look.

The Most Famous Works

Lescot's most famous works of art are shown below starting with the Louvre museum in Paris, France.

This is the Fountain of the Innocents also located in Paris France.

This is the Pont Neuf bridge located in Paris, France.

The Louvre

Lescot's most famous work was the redesigning of the Louvre. He worked on this from the years 1546-1551. Pierre Lescot's work can be found in Paris, France where it now serves as a public museum home to many famous works of art such as the Mona Lisa. The Louvre is a large four walled structure. It houses a museum with many famous paintings. It has been rebuilt many times by various architects, the most recent changes done by Pierre Lescot. It is a perfect representaton of Classicism.

The Louvre has many elements of Classical architecture such as columns and arches.


The Louvre was originally built as a fortress in the 12th Century to protect King Phillip, but was later remolded in the 16th Century to become a palace for King Francis 1 to reside in. The Louvre then evolved into a museum in the 19th Century and has stayed the same since. I love history so the Louvre is very interesting to me.

More On the Louvre

In order to see the Louvre you would have to travel to Paris, France. An excerpt can be read using the link below. This is the Louvre’s official website.

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