Before the Voyage "A change of plans"

It was a glorious, sunny morning when I awoke. The perfect day. I tingled with excitement as I thought about the ship ride that awaited me. My Mum, father, and my brother were going to accompany me on the RMS "Titanic." However, this wasn't my first voyage at sea. I had rode on many grand ships in my lifetime, but this one was special. I have head that the "Titanic" is supposed to be unsinkable! Can you imagine such a thing? I was chuffed when I heard that we would be aboard the Titanic! This is brilliant! A first class ticket on this legendary ship is too much to handle! Isn't this just the bee's knees?

"Emma, dear! Breakfast is ready!"

My daydreams were interrupted by the muffled voice of my mother. I edged my way out of bed and slowly descended the staircase to the dining hall. Large windows flooded in warm sunlight. My father, mother, and brother were already seated on the velvet-lined seats. Our family was not skint. My father had been extremely spawny to get a very nice job. However, he has received an even better job opportunity in America!

"Goodmorning, Emma. Glad to see you have awoken." my father said with a smile.

I nodded politely and proceeded to sit down beside my brother, Daniel. Just then, our cook wobbled into the hall, holding numerous silver platters. They were lined with many assorted foods, such as waffles, eggs, rashers, tea, toast and even some sweets. My brother hungrily lunged at the platter of sweets and placed a handful of them in his mouth. It was hard not to do the same, because those delightful foods did look rather scrummy!

"Daniel!" My mother scolded. "That is no way for a young gentleman to act!"

I snickered quietly at him as he gave me a nasty look. Breakfast continued on without a word for the next couple minutes. The silence was interrupted a while later.

"Kids, there has been something I've been meaning to tell you," My father hesitated before he began again. "I'm sure you remember that we should be voyaging on the Titanic in about a fortnight, right?"

We all nodded.

"Well, I'm afraid I have some terrible news," He sighed deeply. "We will no longer be sailing aboard the Titanic. My job opportunity in America has been lost."

My eyes welled with tears. I did my best to control my behavior, but it was too much to bear. Within seconds, I was sobbing. Although I was not scolded, I received a disapproving look from Mum. I just wasn't ready to say cheerio to the trip of a lifetime. You could say that this whole situation was a damp squid.

Daniel was gutted about this sudden news.

"This is rubbish!" Daniel yelled rudely. He proceeded to have an argy-bargy with my parents.

"Have you lost your marbles? It's tosh to act like that!" My mother frowned in frustration.

I could tell she was starting to loose her patience, but tried to stay calm.

"Shut your laughing gear, Daniel! Everyone needs to calm down!" My father yelled. "You never let me finish! We will be visiting Auntie Margaret in America next autumn. No need to worry, we will sail aboard the Titanic very soon."

Although this cheered me up a tad, I was still grieving the loss of our trip. Little did I know, there was not going to be another attempted trip next autumn. Now that I think of it, this sudden change of plans might have been for the best...

It is now the year 1913. Just one year since the day it happened. The day the titanic sunk. I am so thankful that we did not attend that trip, for our fate would have been the same as my dear grandfather. He sailed the Titanic without us that year. Little did he know, he was never to return.

British Dictionary: (1)Autumn: Fall (The season right after Summer.) (2)Auntie: Your mother or father's sister. (3)Tad: a small amount. (4)Laughing Gear: Your mouth. (5)Tosh: Nonsense. (6)Marbles: Wit, intelligence, or good sense. (7)Argy-Bargy: An argument. (8)Rubbish: Garbage; no good. (9)Gutted: A state of despair. (10)Damp Squid: Something that fails on all counts. (11)Cheerio: Goodbye. (12)Fortnight: 2 weeks. (13)Scrummy: Delicious. (14)Sweets: Sugar- filled, pastries, deserts, or candy. (15)Rashers: Bacon. (16)Spawny: Lucky. (17)Skint: Without money. (18)Bee's knees: Amazing in every way. (19)Brilliant: Fantastic. (20) Mum: Mother.


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