Digital Imaging Portfolio ISabella Piangerelli

This has been my most profound "creation" in this class. For a surrealistic project, I chose to talk about a surreal topic within our own country - the fact that not all of us our free, the fact that our armed police men are attacking a particular race, the fact that African Americans are still fighting this struggle for social, economic and basic freedom. The surreal factor that this is going on is why I chose to outline it within my surrealistic project. Within the picture I feature both sides to what is happening. The left is comprised of images of Donald Trump and a national monument that is pushing up a gun. On this side there is an American American woman but there is a hand over her mouth to symbolize how that side silences those who speak out. The right side has historical pictures of African Americans protesting for their rights throughout the years. The right side is supposed to show how long African Americans have been protesting.


This edited photo displays a sense of melancholy and contemplation. The fact that it's black and white adds to this emotion. Adding two photos together creates a more intense sense of an emotion that I want to convey. This specific edit was one of the first edits that I've done and these pictures were from the first shoot that I did with a new group of people who have now become great friends of mine.

This was the first "painting" photo I did and it's especially love it because this is a picture of my best friend who loves to paint. She is distinctly known for her paintings and drawings and I am known for my photography, so I thought it was fun to be able to "paint" my friend for once. I think the painting evokes the same emotion that the photograph did because the focal point is her eyes (the most defined thing in this picture) and so there is still this distance and melancholy expressed in this picture.


I edited this picture together on the photoshop mix app I have on my phone. This picture is made up of two separate photos. The background being a detailed image of a painting I saw at the Ace Gallery and the focal image being a photo I took from one of my photoshoots. I was inspired to put my photos against a different background from different photos I've been seeing on Instagram and Twitter from photographers that I follow, so I thought I would try it out myself. And I ended up liking the process. This is also one out of two of the images that I've made with the central image and the background image sharing the bottom.


I added these two photos together because of the shapes and how both of them fit into each other. Because they share similar colors, the picture fit together well. The three lines of light that was in the base picture actually outlines the face that I overplayed and blended on top of it, acknowledging that it's there and very much apart and connected to the picture beneath. There is this sense of movement since her face is in two different positions and so it can be perceived as a movement of her head that'll speak to an emotion of contemplation or realization.


This photo I took of my friend was one of my favorites that I have of her because she fit so well into the background and she herself embodies a very chill and peaceful nature, and so sitting in this orange and green environment just embraced who she is. I wanted to create this into a "painting" because I know that she would personally appreciate it - being a painting - and because there was something about this that needed to be "painted". I LOVE that the foliage in the painting looks like little squares of paint. I think that makes the photo look more abstract. I love the color of orange in this photo, I think it contrasted well with the green and black.


This was another photo that I took during one of my photoshoots that I added to a painted background. I love the colors of the painting as it contrasts with the dark blues and white and yeIIow. There is something about this photo that just works; I think the background compliments the photo and creates an aesthetic.

This was the very first and my favorite of the photos that I added to a completely different background on the photoshop app that I have on my phone. I just think this picture is very aesthetically pleasing, but also speaks to it's title "Levitate". This picture incorporates two things that are very close to my heart: the Grand Canyon and my best friend.

This is also another favorite edit of mine. I just love the aesthetics in this photo; it creates this ambiance and gives color and feel to the black and white central point. I think the black and white photo in proportion to the background works really well. The way I choose the backgrounds for these photos is through switching out different types of backgrounds and just seeing what fits and speaks to the photo the most.

The central image and the background photo were taken from the same photoshoot that I had. The background is of a tennis court and the central photo is my friend laying down on the grass. The central photo is placed differently then all the rest of the edits that I've done like this - except the one with the red painted background. At first I placed this image with both pictures sharing the bottom because my legs appeared in the background photo and so I wanted to cover that, but it ended up making a nice edit sharing the bottom!


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