Yellowstone Day 3 Montana 2014 - Part VII

In which Tina and Adam apply learnings from day two and say goodbye to the park.

Even after the successful awesomeness of day two, we still decided to sleep in the next morning...until 4:00am. We headed out to the Hayden Valley (remember where there weren't wolves or bears earlier) with the hopes of seeing some critters before they turn back into minivans (which is the only explanation of where they go).

We got to the spot just at dawn, and there were tons of people already looking out into the fields.

There were wolves to the West. Some nice folks with a spotting scope helped us find them. There were two (a black and a grey) stalking around a non-plussed elk and howling. There were answering howls from miles down the valley.

Shortly after I took these shots, someone on the East side of the road said the bear was back...actually bears.

Not two. Not three. SIX Grizzly Bears.

A family of four were munching on a buffalo carcass, and a pair of interlopers were trying to see if it would be cool to get a bit of it.

Mom was NOT cool with it.

There was a fair amount of chasing going on.

Afterward, we went up to explore the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone in lighter crowds.

I had never fully understood why it was called Yellowstone until we saw the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Amazing.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Next was something we were afraid we wouldn't get a chance to see--Firehole Lake Drive. The week before we got to the park the combination of the summer heat and being about 6 feet above the molten heart of the world's largest supervolcano caused the road to melt. Yep...melt. It was repaired just before we got to the park and we had a great little tour of what amounts to be the coolest 3.3 miles in the park. It's like a thermal feature zoo.

There were geysers, pools, and even a hawk/vulture dogfight. I highly recommend it if it is still solid.

Last stop was the Grand Prismatic Springs boardwalk. While the view from above was amazing and totally worth the near-death experience, the view at boardwalk level was also very cool.

Grand Prismatic Spring

Our trip to Yellowstone ended and we headed off to visit some friends in Boise. I've driven across Idaho countless times, but it's always been across the panhandle which maxes out at about 75 miles. The wide part of Idaho however is HUGE and BORING!!! Boise was kind of cool, though.

Enjoy the last marvel we saw on our trip. Boise State University's football field. I think it's Kentucky Bluegrass. Right?

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