The Beautiful Tri-Cities Why is it important to get a dose of Nature

Being outdoors is crucial

In today's day and age we are found glued to the never ending development of new technology. We are so focused on digital screens that we often forget to look outside, into the beautiful nature the world has to offer. Ecotherapy could be your solution to undermining social, physical, and mental problems. The idea of ecotherapy is to be exposed to nature and gain a certain sense of belonging, connection, mind cleanse, and to get away from the stress of our everyday lives. This a very cost efficient method to use, it can be used anywhere and anytime. It is crucial that people put down their phone's for once, walk away from the computer, turn off the television, and go outside.

My home

Though it might not seem like it, the Tri-Cities is home to beautiful parks and stunning view points. Each of them is not more than a 30 minute drive no matter where you are at in Kennewick, Pasco, or Richland.

This is Howard Amon Park, located at 500 Amon Park Drive, Richland, Wa.

I have been to this park many times, in the summer you are able to rent kayaks from Greenies, or Columbia Kayak Adventures and paddle your way up the Columbia River. Which I have done quite a few times, that usually results in a awesome sunburn the next day. This park is great for biking, running, walking, and even a picnic. It is also home to the Tear Drop Amphitheater that host many events in the warmer months. Howard Amon is open 12 months out of the year and is easily accessible from George Washington Way in Richland.

There are many benefits to being outside

Nature can lighten our mood, let us escape our daily obstacles, and give us a good amount of exercise. The fresh air and the all the living things in our environment can help us gain a sense of connectectedness. On the weekends I am always found doing some sort of activity outside. It helps refresh my brain and wash my worries away. Our community has many parks and areas to fulfill these needs. Such as here, Columbia Park, is home too beautiful views of the Columbia River, animal friendly, numerous trails, has a small family fishing pond, and host many events on its grounds.

Columbia Park is a 400 acre recreational park in Kennewick Washington. It is right on the Columbia River and located on Columbia Park Trail.

This is my personal favorite spot on the river. In the summertime I love to hang my hammock in between the two trees directly to the left of this photo. It makes for a perfect site of a gorgeous South Eastern Washington sunset.

This is part of a mini trail in Columbia Park. Very beautiful in the fall with the leaves changing color, as well as the spring and summer when everything is glowing.

Sacajawea State Park is located in Pasco Washington. It is the only State Park in Tri-Cities and helps commemorate the amazing Sacajawea who helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition. It is right on the verging point of the Columbia and Snake river, it is located at 2503 Sacajawea Park Rd, Pasco, Washington.

School Intergration

The idea of ecotherapy is a new and upcoming topic. It is something that we can use in the education system to help students undermine social, mental, and physical problems. In order to do this schools can began to plant gardens, have environmental related sciences as a required class, and study the environment that surrounds them. With global warming being a threatening issue, it is imperative we know the importance of our environment. Schools can even take field trips to places around them, such as Twin Sisters, pictured below. A botanist class in school can go here and identify plants, study our environment. Or even a geology class can understand how the Columbia Gorge was formed and the different rock formations. There are numerous ways we can began to integrate nature exposure in our school systems.

Twin Sisters is a moderate hiking trail just 15 minutes outside of Pasco, Washington It has a beautiful view of the Columbia Gorge. The two rock formations are identical, hints the name "Twin Sisters". This is located right off of U.S 730 right outside of Wallula, Washington.

I have hiked Twin Sister multiple times, it is a great way to escape from the busy city in a short amount of time. It is beautiful all times of the year, and offers a great viewpoint on those identical rocks. It is often a getaway for my friends and I. Beautiful sights like those are what helps cement the idea of ecotherapy in my brain.

This is the Mcnary Wildlife Refuge, located in Burbank, Washington, just off of Lake Road. One of my other personal favorite spots to relax and enjoy the view.

Go Outside

I encourage everyone of you to go an experience the benefits nature has to offer. The world is filled with mesmerizing sightseeing, that are waiting to be seen. By going into these parks you are helping yourself without even knowing, ecotherapy isn't designed to be a practice, it is something that we just automatically use. But as we use the parks we have to remember to find ways to give back to our environment, such as planting gardens, recycling, and respecting the grounds of the trail or park. Tri-Cities has a lot to offer, so don't be afraid to use the parks and recreational areas designed for public use. Go outside and indulge in the pure beauty of the environment.

Please take care of our parks, do not litter and preserve the beauty of it.

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