Good Life Nature Activity By Anish Gupta


The Butterfly exhibit was particularly appealing to me. It caught my attention because it was nice to be out in the wild with butterflies and lizards in their natural habitats. I learned a lot about the natural world butterflies live in. With the place enclosed, it was possible to see them all together at once, unlike in their natural habitat. My experience at the museum was very enjoyable mostly due to the beauty of this exhibit.

Me and my friend at the butterfly exhibit

This picture encapsulates the relationship between nature and ethics. Habitat loss is an important issue, and this was exemplified recently when the Great Barrier Reef died. In addition to the obvious nature detriments, it stems from an ethical issue. People care more about profits rather than conserving wildlife, and greenhouse gas emissions continue to kill plant life. My friend was with me, and he had a similar reaction as me to how big of a problem this is. We were able to connect to nature in realizing that it was our duty to make sure nature's beauty stays everlasting.

It's up to use to plan for the future
Butterflies eating fruit

This picture epitomizes my idea of both the mystery and majesty of nature. It shows how powerful nature is as a unifying force. There were so many exhibits of butterflies eating fruits. It shows how little we really are in the grand scheme of things, and really makes you realize your place in the world. It also makes you appreciate how big of an impact you can have on the world as such a small, seemingly insignificant person.

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