Food and tastes Do you want onion in you hamburger?.

How many names of fruit do you remember?

What about vegetables?
Do you know any recipe?

What is your favourite food?

1. Pizza

2. Pasta

3. Hamburger

4. Spanish omelet.

5. Other options.

  • Why is it your favourite food?
  • What ingredients do you put on it?
  • Can you cook it? How?
  • When is the best moment to eat it?
Give your opinion about these places, use adjectives: boring, exciting, enjoyable, tasty, quiet, noisy, dirty, clean, excellent, horrible, strange, disgusting, surprising, crowded, delicious, disappointing...
Yesterday you went to a party. Did you enjoy? Tell your partner why or why not.

Some ideas: who was there? Where was it? What food was there? How was the food?

Play password in two teams

Strange ---------Disgusting---------Cheese----Grapes-----Lettuce-----Broccoli

Tomatoes-------Horrible---------Orange-----Exciting-------- Boring-------Clean

Cherries-----Bananas---- Dirty--------Mango----Pineapple----Delicious

Onions-----Pizza------Surprising-----Hamburger------Quiet------ Egg


Creado con imágenes de amirali mirhashemian - "untitled image" • Reiseuhu - "For more visual travel inspiration visit our instagram: https://www.instagram.com/reiseuhu/" • Agence Producteurs Locaux Damien Kühn - "French local growing salad" • Monika Grabkowska - "Good music , good mood and good quality of ingredients- you don’t need anything else to cook something delicious, Ok maybe would be good to have a good recipe too ;)" • Chad Montano - "Hawaiian Chicken PizzaSmoked" • Brooke Lark - "A classic vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream is, perhaps, the finest way to eat sugar ever." • Kaffee Meister - "I don’t get over to the original Kaffee Meister shop in Lakeside very often (mostly because the lighting is terrible), but I will give them credit for their prop selection. Being attached to an antique shop helps. I’m not entirely sure why I love this photo so much, but I know I wanted to share it!" • Romain Vignes - "Focus definition"