Codename Sailor V 2 By. Naoko Takeuchi

Codename Sailor V 2 was written by Naoko Takeuchi in 2004 as the second book in the Sailor V series. This book series is a prequel series to Sailor Moon.

Information About the Author:

Naoko Takeuchi went to Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy, where she received a degree in chemistry and became a licensed pharmacist in 1985. Almost all of the enemies in the Sailor V and Sailor Moon series are named after different elements and gemstones. She worked as a shrine maiden at the Shiba Daijingu shrine. She submitted her first manga work, "Love Call to Kodansha", which won her an award, at the age of 19. She then continued working on manga.

Minako Aino is the 13 year old protagonist of the series. One day she met a mysterious talking cat named Artemis. Artemis than gave her a magic pen that when held aloft while saying the phrase, "Moon Power Transform" would transform Minako into Sailor V. He explained that she was a champion of justice who had to protect the people of the world as well as trying to find the Moon Princess.

In the second book Mianko is still fighting against the evil idol industry from the last book. Now in this book Minako is getting help from the mysterious Phantom Ace, who bears a resemblance to Tuxedo Mask from the Sailor Moon series.

This book contains more allusions to Sailor Moon than the previous book and actually includes a scene from the first book of that series, now including Minako in the background. There are also puns throughout the book, but they don't translate well.

Minako isn't a perfect role model as she is late, sleeps in class, and is very forgetful, so there aren't really lessons to learn from the book. But Minako does exhibit determination and works very hard to help and protect people.

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