The Fear of Feeling Alone Haley Kryuchkov Per 3

After Holden running away from his problems, he becomes all alone in the adult world, not realizing that he isn't ready to be apart of it. He is the lonely one among everyone else in the big city of New York. He is at the point in his life where he is just trying to fit in with the new world he escaped to. Holden is all on his own and has to learn to take care of himself throughout the book. In the song "Lonely" the chorus of the song says "Lonely i'm so lonely, I have nobody to call my own." This song correlates with what Holden is going through because throughout the book, the audience finds Holden ordering prostitutes just to have the company and someone to talk to, letting him know he's not alone. He tries to fit in with the three girls in the Lavender room, doing everything he possibly could to just to keep them from leaving him all alone. But Holden is once again left lonely, and that is exactly what this song is trying to convey.

In the song "I'm jealous of the Rain," Josh pours his heart out due to the loss of his best friend. And this made me think of Holden and his brother Allie. For example in the book it said "The days are cold and the nights are long" for Holden, thinking about his brother Allie. Missing him as much as he does, he shows that living without him is hard. Allie was truly the only thing that Holden liked about this cruel world. One part of the song says "I'm jealous of the way, your'e happy without me" This connects to Holden and his brother because it's as if Holden wishes he could replace himself with Allie. Rather Allie and his passing, Holden thinks Allie didn't deserve to leave this world, if he could take it back, he'd rather be placed in his brother's shoes and give up his life for Allies. Holden believes that losing Allie makes the world seem as if it is a terrible place to live upon, leaving him in the depressed stage he's in now.

"I'm Just a Kid" by Simple Plan is almost as if Holden himself wrote this song. This song is about the life of being a kid and what it's like feeling alone. Holden notices that everyone else around him is having fun and being happy, yet he doesn't feel those same emotions. Since everybody is off doing their own thing, Holden has been forgotten and alone. Every person he encounters is a "moron" and he truly hates them all. Holden feels alone in the world, and in the song it says, "everyone's got somewhere to go, and they're gonna leave me here on my own." Nobody has time for kids, everyone is living their life in the adult world, dealing with adult things. Holden is simply "just a kid" and he believes that "life is a nightmare." Everyone around him is constantly changing, but Holden wants to continue to be a part of a child's world.


Running around chasing hearts / Chasing bodies to fix the parts / I don't know how I reached this place / So far from heaven, so far from grace / And I want to give in to the pressure / Cause I feel like the city's got the best of me / Oh this casual love isn't want it seems / And i try to imagine something closer / And somebody who is good for me / Im so tired of all this searching / Do I Do I Do I Do I / Go home to nothing or stay for more / Give in to someone or lock down my door / Or drown all my shadows, drown them like before / drowning shadows once more / The more I drink the more I drown / If I'm not thinking I won't lay down / The more I rise above it all / The less I care about the fall

"Drowning Shadows" by Sam Smith illustrates the choices related to the transition between what is familiar and what seems to be the unknown. It's a world full of crossroads, just as Holden experiences whether to let go of his childhood as he transitions to the adult world or to continue to move on but he is so reluctant towards society's alternate views. In the book, Holden describes that he is "headed for a breakdown" and that he is constantly in a stage of depression. He is unceasingly trying to run away from his problems, and by doing so, he drinks away the pain. In the song, Sam Smith is in a conflict between whether he should go home to his family and live his normal life or to stay out in the city, live under the pressure and have it get the best of him.

In the song "You Don't Really Know Me" by Jessie J explain the pressures that come with always having to be perfect, and rarely having someone who accepts the real you, the one with the defects and difficulties. When you're so bent on being perfect and trying to fit in, you don't let anyone close enough to see the real you, ending up all alone. In the book, Holden is trying to adapt to the new environment of the adult world as he try's to vanish all the unforgettable moments of being a kid, yet he struggles with the thought of leaving his childhood behind. He believes the only way to fit in and have people accept him is to leave the true him behind and act like every other member of society. When Holden is in the Lavender room, he tries to communicate with three girls even though he talks about how they are all "witches" or "morons," he was still so desperate to have someone to talk to whether he liked them or not (Salinger 70). Holden isn't being his true self; he is so desperate to have some company that he puts on acts just for the pleasure of engaging someone in an "intellectual conversation" (Salinger 147).

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