Resist the Nets a community based initiative

Mission Statement: Resist the Nets is a growing country-wide initiative to reduce the effects that national and global corporations have on individual's daily lives. The goal is to push to buy local food, crafts, and commodities so as to support local artisans and local economies across the country. Furthermore, this initiative seeks to weaken the hold and control that large corporations have on us. Consequently, it also serves as a resistance to the 'winner takes all' sentiment that has been growing within America; that only the biggest companies have the ability to advance and succeed.

The term 'Resist the Nets' derives from the the idea that commercial companies are trying to 'catch' you and 'reel' you in, hailing you so that you will buy more of their product. By branding and endorsements, they are able to control the price of products due to the demand they have created, which involved a population that will buy the product regardless of it's price.

These artisans are proud of what they make, proud of their craft. (Filmed at Ferric Fusion in West Wales).

Buying local is recirculating the wealth back into local communities. It also reduces the carbon footprint of any local buyer. Shipping by air, train, boat, or truck emits large quantities of carbon and contributes to global climate change as well as health issues such as the rising number of cases in childhood asthma.

Not only will buying local reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere, it will also prevent GMOs from becoming more widespread in our food products as mass production will decrease. By buying local one reduces the abnormal hormones and antibiotics entering their system, as these are fed to livestock on big corporate farms.

Informational video about the economics behind small business specialization and trade:

Don't just take our word for it though: other groups have set up websites and some news outlets have dedicated their time to focusing on this idea of buying local. Check out some of the links below for more info!

'Resist the Nets' is an independent organization founded by Alessandro Uribe, Darius Graves, and Olivia Henley--students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

*Photos credits: Alessandro Uribe

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