Living Well in the life of vince otto

Occupational Wellness

Over break I entered a new chapter in life. I quit my first job. I actually enjoyed my time working at this grocery store, but I have a better opportunity ahead working at Heit's Point Lutheran Camp for the summer. This is a job I have considered for a long time and I will greatly enjoy my new summer occupation.

Physical Wellness

Staying physically fit depends on many factors, one of which is physical exercise. I do my best to keep a fairly consistent routine when it comes to exercising, which sometimes includes working out in inclement weather. I typically bike, run, or walk. Here in this photo, I was caught biking on a trail when it started to precipitate.

Financial Wellness

A big part of financial wellness is dependent on how much money you have. Here, I went through my saved receipts and double checked my bank account balance. I also helped my parents prepare for tax season by going through our files and sorting receipts and bills into certain groups.

Intellectual Wellness

To keep my mind sharp, I must often read to accrue new ideas, expand my lexicon, and test my worldview. Here, I am reading through the Book of Concord, an in-depth look at the Lutheran Confessions along with an explanation and defense of the reasons for the doctrinal split from the Roman Catholic church during the Reformation.

Environmental Wellness

In doing our part to help "save the environment," my family has been recycling for as long as I can remember. This is our recycling shelf in the garage. There is a spot for deconstructed cardboard boxes, plastic grocery bags, glass jars, tin cans, plastics, and paper.

Interpersonal Wellness

Church, while being an amazing source of spiritual growth, is also a great social opportunity. This is a photo of socializing time after bible class at church. Especially being the pastor's kid, many different people wanted to talk to me and ask me how school was going. While it does become difficult to tell the same comments to 30 different people, it is still a good way to practice my social skills and conversation points for future interactions with others.

Cultural Wellness

Over break I helped my church put up some set pieces for our annual theatrical production of The Passion Week. While it is not a direct participation in another culture, I consider it a study of another culture, albeit an ancient one. It is quite a show and a true account of what happened in the Bible.

Spiritual Wellness

Weekly church is the greatest way to recharge my spiritual battery. It gives me a fulfilling feeling that nothing else in the world can provide. The community, the message, the hymns, and the liturgy all come together to create an atmosphere of hope and joy which is satisfying for the soul.

Emotional Wellness

During a busy break, even reading and biking can feel like a chore. To relax and reduce my stress levels, I enjoy playing board games. This is a lot of fun and very effective for maintaining a balanced emotional state.

This was a small slice of what I did over break, and these are some examples of what I do to maintain wellness in my life.

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