Defining Media Audience

What is an "Audience"?

An individual or a group of people who consume any media:

Examples – Television viewers, radio listeners, newspaper and magazine readers, movie viewers...

Why is having an audience important?

Without an audience then there will not be any media.

Companies will not be able to make any profit as they produce text/media to make profit off of their audience.

Whats the effect of audience with new technology?

Old media like radios and podcasts have to work harder than ever to attract their audience and keep the engaged and be able to keep their audience number high.

Mass Audience Vs Niche Audience

Whats the difference?

A Mass audience often known as Broadcast audience consume mainstream media/texts, for example, Eastenders, hollyoaks, Im a Celebrity and many more.

The media would fit and communicate with a large group of people ( Men, women, children, adults)


A Niche audience are a much smaller group of individuals which have more influence on the creator of the certain media because they have a very keen interest in that topic,

For example, Top Gear is a niche audience based program as the viewers are often interested in Cars and motor vehicles.


Within these Audiences there are categories, and these categories are used to identify and group them even more. Audiences can be divided into Social Classes.

Social Classes

People living in the uk are targeted based on their social classes, these are Grouped as,

A - Upper Middle Class

B - Middle Class

C1 - Lower Middle Class

C2 - Skilled Working Class

D - Working Class

E - Those at the lowest level of subsistence

These are based on your ocupation, education, economic status. and these will dictate on what social class your categorized in.

Some newspapers and articles still use this data to categories their audience.


This is looking at the way people see themselves and the kind of life style they desire. it involves looking at where you are now and you're wanting to be in the future, what do you want to achieve,

- Succeeder

- Mainstreamer

- Individuals

- Carries

Audience Research

There are lots of different ways of researching your audiences and the way you research your audience are split into two different categories, Quantitative, Qualitative.

These two type of research contain the following:



Focus groups



Whats is quantitative research


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