These Phony Americans By: EmILY iVANCICTS g4

Ever since Donald J. Trump was elected President in November of 2016, Americans are displaying acts of stupidity in an effort to inform citizens of Trump’s actions. Manipulating his words seem to be one thing phony Americans can succeed at. After the inauguration of America’s new President, it became evident as to how Americans truly felt about him. Lighting limousines on fire, throwing bricks at police officers, and shouting the words “not my President” are just a few things these morons have done. Of course, as an American people have the right to express their feelings and rally at events such as the inauguration parade, yet their is a clear line between informing people and harming people and businesses. For God’s sake, harming police officers who are just trying to keep citizens safe is just plain outrageous. As I have attached above my opinions, the video of these protesters is just plain dumb. They all act like they are some “hot shots.” Sorry, you must not have any moral values if you are treating an officer like hell. Over the past months, it has become evident that Americans act very phony and unreal when things don’t go their ways. To all of the Americans who are supporting their President and realize that change is necessary, good for you! Change is needed, people are acting out of stupidity and teaching their kids to do the same. “Make America Great Again” is just an additional way Americans tried to attack Trump’s campaign. The fact is, Donald Trump won the election and he is moving into the White House, if you do not like it, you can always leave America.

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