U-2 Spy Plane Incident By: Cameron Barnes

Why did we want to spy on them?
  • We wanted to find out what they were doing over there
  • We took pictures from the spy plane’s huge camera
  • The plane was very high and we thought that they couldn’t detect us
The Plane
  • The plane was supposed to fly over Soviet detection and capture photos of Soviets to see what they were doing
  • There was a huge camera on the plane that could get good quality photos from very high in the sky
  • It could carry 450 lbs.
  • It could fly 73,000 feet in the sky
  • It was advanced technology for the US at the time
  • We were afraid of what the Soviets were doing and how advanced their tech was
The Pilot
  • The pilot was Francis Gary Powers
  • He was supposed to hit the self destruct button so they wouldn’t know that the spy plane was ours and he would die in the process
  • He claims he tried to hit self destruct although he may have not hit it on purpose
  • The Soviets captured him from his parachute and took him in
  • The Soviets would make a deal to trade one of their spies for our spy
  • We made this deal successfully and got our spy back
  • He didn’t take the injection that would kill him some called him a coward
  • This made the tension very high between the US and the Soviets
  • It was a little embarrassing for the US because they shot us down
  • There is a movie on this incident that explains it very well it’s called the Bridge of Spies
The Trade Off
  • When we were turning in their spy for our spy it was very tense
  • When Gary Powers got back the US was made that he didn’t kill himself
  • They traded them off at the bridge and it was successful
  • Gary Powers was unharmed and gave up little information
Gary Powers Interview
  • Gary was interrogated while the time he was there
  • He said that he didn’t say anything to the Soviets while in jail for 22 months
  • There was no physical torture but a lot of mental anguish or mental torture; threats of death, sleep deprivation, solitary confinement, some roughing up, yelling and screaming at him
  • He got back to America and went to jail for 10 years
  • Gary told parts of the story to his son and then it was too late for anymore because Gary later dies in a helicopter accident

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