Alcatraz By:Elena B.


Alcatraz, Alcatraz operated from 1934-1963 before it was closed down because it cost to much to keep open. Alcatraz was one of the toughest prison to escape, in fact no one ever successfully escaped Alcatraz or The Rock as it was nicknamed. During these years there were 14 escape attempts including 36 inmates, out of these 36, 23 were captured and brought back, 6 were shot and killed, 2 of them drowned, and 5 went missing and were assumed drowned.

Alcatraz was like a prison’s, prison’s what that means when a person got sent to jail if they kept on misbehaving or made threats or people thought that prisoner might escape that prison, they would be sent to Alcatraz. But before all of that in the late 1850’s Alcatraz was a occupied by the U.S. Army to keep military prisoners. Alcatraz was ideal because it was far enough away from the mainland so you couldn't swim back without drowning or freezing. The island in total is 22 acres. Each prisoner had it’s own cell, and for every prisoner there was one guard.

Most famous Prisoners

There were many prisoners that went to Alcatraz, but here are 2 prisoners that stand out and are the most famous.

Al Capone- Born in January 17, 1899, died January 25, 1947. Al Capone was nicknamed Snorky and Scarface. He was a gangster, and most of the crime/violence that he did was against other gangs, but the reason he went to jail was tax evasion. He was sentenced to 11 years in Alcatraz and was fined over 50,000 he also had to pay 7,692 for going to court and layers etc. and 215,000 for taxes he still had to pay.

George “Machine-Gun” Kelly- Born in July 18, 1895, died on July 18, 1954. His nickname was Machine Gun because his wife bought him a machine gun, though he never actually killed anyone. He was “famous” for bootlegger, bank robbing, and kidnapping. He ended up going to prison for kidnapping Charles F. Urschel, he was arrested 2 months after the kidnapping.

Interesting Fact

Every year an escape from Alcatraz Triathlon is held proving that with training and proper gear it is possible to escape from Alcatraz and survive. This event includes a 1.5 mile swim to San Francisco, a 18 mile bike ride, and a 8 mile run.

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