Pop Art - Romero Britto Lily Harsch

Day 1 - 3/8/17 In this class Ms. McCall introduced us to a new project on Pop Art. I decided to have my inspiration to be Romero Britto. We also started to draw our 6 sketches.

Day 2 - 3/10/17 In this class Ms. McCall was checking sketches but she never made it around to our table. So, I fixed my sketches a little. I did not make too much progress in this class.

Day 3 - 3/14/17 In this class Ms. McCall approved three of my sketches and I started drawing them on a full page. This project seems fun and colorful, but a little tedious. I like the way my designs are looking so far.

Day 4 - 3/20/17 In this class I started to draw my design of my book cover onto a big piece of paper. I think the design I chose will look good as my cover for the book. I actually really like this project so far.

Day 5 - 3/22/17 In this class I finished sketching my design onto the big paper and I went over it with sharpie. I finished going over with sharpie. I did not get to color this class.

Day 6 - 3/24/17 In this class I colored my cover sheet. I really liked the way it came out. I did not cut it out yet. I had to take it home to finish the last parts.

Day 7 - 3/26/17 In this class I cut out of cover design. I also cut out my cover shape on the card board. I still have to finished the last bit the other half of my cover. I made a lot of progress this class.

Day 8 - 3/30/17 In this class I finished my book cover and handed it to Ms. McCall. I really liked the way it turned out. It was very difficult to cut out my flower shape but it looked cool. In this class I also started to sketch my design onto the big paper.

Day 9 - 4/4/17 In this class I added more to my poster paper. I added quite a bit to it. It looks good but it doesn't look exactly how I would like it to. It is hard to make it look like my sketch.

Day 10 - 4/6/17 In this class I worked on my big poster board. I made a descent bit of progress. I haven't started with sharpie yet. I am afraid that the sharpie is going to bleed through the paper.

Day 11 - 4/18/17 In this class I worked on my big poster board once again. I really need to work fast because I am a little behind. I'm a little overwhelmed, but I will work it out. I just need to work fast.

Day 12 - 4/20/17 In this class I worked on my big poster board. I started coloring but I didn't get very far. I'm probably going to have to bring it home. I like how it looks so far.

Day 13 - 4/24/17 In this class I made more progress on my paper. I took my paper home and made quite a bit of progress. I still have to finish my sheet but I have gotten close.

Day 14 - 5/2/17 I took my sheet home over the weekend and I finished all the coloring. I liked the way it turned out. I like one side better than the other because its more colorful but I still like both sides.

Day 15 - 5/10/17 In this class I cut my paper and put the book cover on. Next class I need to bust my butt and finish it as much as I can. I am going to take it home for the weekend.

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