attack of the pokemon by $ully

PG 1 You and your friends are walking to the Pokemon Center. One is named Nick. He has red hair, a green sweatshirt, gray pants and gold shoes. Jack has brown hair, a blue t shirt, brown pants and red shoes. These are your friends. You see a magcargo (a red fire snail) up ahead. It seems to be coming at you! If it touches you, you will disintegrate and your bone and dust will be gone because he is 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Twice as hot as the sun's surface.

Try to kill it pg 3 Try punting it pg 5 Try thinking about it until you die pg 7

Pg 2 You say “Snover use swager.” Snover attacks and as soon as it gets three feet from Magcargo, it vaporizes. Steam covers the playing field. As soon as Snover lets his guard down, Magcargo uses rock throw in the steam. It was a direct hit. Snover is down and Magcargo is coming at you. When he gets within two feet of you, you will die.

Run pg 8

Pg3 Ok, so you want to try to kill him. You pull out a pokeball and throw without knowing what is in it. Out comes a level 1 Snover. He looks like an ice cream cone with a mountain hat. What attack do you want to use?

Attack with swager pg 2 attack with wood hammer pg 4 attack with blizzard pg 6

PG 4 So Snover calls for wood hammer. You wait about two hours and a rotten wooden mallet comes. It's so slow, you can't see it move. It starts to go to Magcargo. Seven minutes later it gets three feet away. Steam explodes out of the mallet and three minutes later Magcargo is down. You drop the pokeball that you were going to throw and start screaming. Your friends calm you down and help you up. A second later you are so confused. What do you want to do?

Try to catch magcargo pg walk away with experience pg

pg 5 So… are thinking about punting a magcargo. I mean, come on! You are so strange for trying to punt a magcargo! The Magcargo is medium size. You slowly walk up to him and kick him with your iron boot. He frowns and uses his attack Flamethrower. Sorry my friend, but you are burnt like an overcooked chicken nugget and you smell so good, he eats you. The end

PG 6 So you yell snover use blizzard magcargo is harmed by 1 every time someone attacks. Magcargo got bored after two mins then he uses the attack rock smash and you lose the battle and magcargo farts and in three secs you die Game over

PG 7 Ok, you start thinking about your options. Magcargo is a fire type and a lava Pokemon, so you have three options. One, you could call Regice and use attack Curse. Two, you could call Avalngg and use attack Rapidspin. Last but now least, you could call Slowking and use attack Nastyplot.

Slowking Pg 9 Regice pg 13 avalngg pg 15

PG 8 You start running and Magcargo uses his attack rock slide. Just before he attacks you, you look up ahead and see Palkia there. He uses his move “ancient power” and everything stops and you just stand there for three years. After that you are able to start moving again. Magcargo used his attack and you got crushed into dust Too bad

PG 9 You throw your Pokeball with Slowking in it, but before you could throw the Pokeball, Syduck breaks out of his Pokeball. You yell, “Get back in the Pokeball you numbskull!” Syduck just says his name back to you. You give up and decide that Syduck is an okay candidate to fight Magcargo. You try to remember some of the attacks of Syduck’s. Then it hits you, Watergun. You yell “Syduck, use Watergun!” Syduck looks at you, says his name and hits you with Watergun. You feel the sensation of wind blowing through your body where your gut should be. You fall down and realize that there is wind blowing through your body. The end,

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