Josie CreaTe your own volleyball equiPment

About the CEO

Hi! My name is Josie! I am the CEO and Founder of the company Josie Create Your Own Volleyball Equipment. I decided to create this company because when I was younger I played volleyball and a lot of people had the same bag and I had the same bag as one of my good friends. I decided that it was boring that most people had the same volleyball bag and therefore decided that I would create my own company where you can design your own volleyball bag and it later developed into equipment. The only volleyball equipment we do not have are volleyball knee pads and we are designing those right now. I hope you guys have a great shopping experience with us and if you need help at anytime feel free to call 1-800-JOSIEVB! LET'S MAKE AMAZING THINGS TOGETHER!

Mission Statement

We believe that customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We choose only the finest of materials to make our products. We keep the prices low but high enough that the products can last a long time. Because of our confidence in our products not breaking we have a lifetime warranty. If your product breaks we will send you a new one for free! We also believe that you need the best products in order to play your best. At Josie's we provide you with the finest products so you can play your best.

Our Products


For the volleyballs we let you guys completely design them. Survey results showed that you guys liked certain types of volleyballs so we tested out all the types of volleyballs you liked and compiled things that our volunteers liked about each ball. Adding your own patterns, colors, and even

Pattern: Blue Circles
Pattern: Wire Flowers
Pattern: Geometric Pink
Pattern: Blue Violets

Volleyball Shoes

The volleyball shoes are designed completely by you. Survey results showed that you guys enjoyed shoes with good soles and still very comfortable. We made the ultimate shoe for you: comfortable and has good soles. The shoe is also very stylish when you design it yourself because nobody can have the same ones.

Pattern: Blue X's
Pattern: Green Squiggles
Pattern: Blue Violet
Pattern: Purple Flowers

Volleyball Bags

The volleyball bags have been designed by hundreds of volunteers. Our volunteers were all given prototypes of volleyball bags and tried to fit in all of their volleyball bags. Some of the contestants were successful (35%) so we made the bag bigger and redid the test and it was a higher success rate (98%). This bag has all the space you need and more. This bag is very durable which makes it a great product.

Stripes and Flowers
Fruit Flowers

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