Style of Play What Makes Us GPS?

Today, we are going to discuss the GPS Style of Play. What does that mean? As a club, as coaches, as players, as parents, we all want to see our teams playing the same way on game day. It is important for our identity and, importantly, for your development as a player! Please complete the short exercise below before you go any further:

Now that you have done the exercise, how do you think you did? Were there phrases that you were familiar with? Let's scroll down and take a closer look at each of the four parts of the Style of Play:

Play Out From The Back

Playing out from the back is an important part of how we play. It allows your team to have control of the ball so that they have better control of the game. As a player, it allows you to get more touches on the ball, as your team is looking to move the ball with shorter passes, increasing the amount of times that you will passed to and have the ability make decisions with the ball.

Progressive Possession

As we play out of the back, we are always looking to play forward to get closer to the opposition's goal. We always want to be patient when we have the ball though, so if you do not see a pass forward, what are your options? Are there players to the side? Can you play the ball backwards to a teammate? Think about all the options you have and wait until the right time to progress the ball forward.

Press From The Front

We always want to try to win the ball back closer to the opposition's goal. Why? If we win the ball back higher up the field, we don't have as far to go to score a goal and keeping the ball further from our goal means less chances for the opposition to score.

Attack Minded

We want our teams to create as many goal scoring chances as possible from dominating 1v1 situations against defenders to possessing the ball and waiting for forward passes, our ultimate 'goal' is to create as many chances to score as we can.

Quiz Time!

Take one last good look at each aspect of our style of play before you take the quiz:

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