What To Do During Quarantine Lauren Gulden

  1. CHALK

Chalking on the driveway/sidewalk is an amazing outlet to relax and to spread a little love. Try writing a positive message for neighbors to see! Even drawing a picture (big or small) is sure to make somebody's day.

2. Group Facetime Parties!

The top person is Lizzy, the bottom person is Lauryn, and the person taking the screenshot is Sophia! Hahahahaha

During this time, many people feel lonely and sad. Just by calling or texting a friend to check in with them, could make you and them happy! Create a new group chat and facetime them daily! I used to live in Fairview Park, Ohio and I've recently reconnected with a group of my friends from there. Add your friends and have them add their friends! Meet new people and have fun. Apple lets 30 people at most in a facetime call, I've learned. The facetimes and online games have yet to be boring.

This pretty much explains itself... Thanks for checking in, Brad.

3. Become Tik Tok Famous

This one might come off as a joke to some, but come on, who doesn't wanna be famous. Make funny videos or teach yourself to become a fabulous dancer! Try your hardest and set timed goals for yourself. See how "famous" you can get in a week and then two. Have fun and don't stress about it!

-Do not do any trends that are dangerous!! xoxo thanks!

4. Watch These Movies and Shows! (What I've Been Watching)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Dead Poet Society
My Girl
Big Brother (Season 1)
That 70's Show
Moonrise Kingdom

5. Have a Dance Party at 2am

Turn up your favorite songs in your headphones and turn on some vibey lighting in your room in the middle of the night. Dance like nobody's watching (because nobody is) Let your hair down and just feel in the moment. Search "dancing in your room in the middle of the night" (or something along the lines of that) on spodify and you will have perfectly constructed playlists for your vibe session. This is the best way to feel happy and alive while you're alone. :)

Please please stay inside. <3


Created with images by sydney Rae - "untitled image" • Michał Parzuchowski - "We had a nice evening in the garden of our yard to celebrate European Neighbours’ Day. Our neighbor’s daughter used a blue chalk to draw some signs during our garden party. This is a document of the aftermath." • Daniel Watson - "Chalk laying on paper"