Paige Yutsus 3305 final portfolio

About me!

My Projects: Spring 2017

Logo Re-design: Abstract Impressions

For this project, we had to revise an logo of an old company and make a better version. This was a reworked logo for an art therapy startup company called Abstract Impressions. I wanted to focus on making the logo a little less corporate, and give it a bolder color palette, so I added asymmetrical orange and blue lines, so the logo would look like it had movement to it with the line work, and balance to it with the complimentary colors.

Resume Project

For this project we had to tailor specific resumes two different job listings. I used the ads searching for Graphic Design interns for summer 2017. One was for Marvel Comics (top), the other for a Los Angeles media company (bottom). I wanted to give each resume a theme that would set it apart from other resumes, but also maintain enough space in the documents to not make them look cluttered. I did this by varying the sizes of boxes and text areas in the resumes, making the most important things on the resume the bigger ones.

Infographic Project

For this project, we had to relay sets of data into appealing infographics. I chose to do mine about Anime to relay some fun facts and the most watched shows to my audience. That way, they might end up getting into Anime themselves. I chose to use very bold colors and graphic lines, because I wanted to draw the reader into the infographic. I think I could have changed up the Hierarchy a little more for this one if I could go back, and maybe refine the color palette a little more.

Reflecting Back

This class taught me to refine design elements and get a better understanding of them. Throughout the semester, we worked with color and balancing information on the document that is to be read, and paired it with hierarchy and structure of forms. Using these elements, I was able to create the things you see on this portfolio. Using these elements, each work of mine was able to have it's own personality, and was still readable and yet pleasing to the eye. By the last project, my knowledge of the elements expanded enough to where you can see elements or skills from the logo and resume project in my info-graphic. This class has definitely helped me learn to refine and balance the design elements within the work I do in the future.

-Paige Yutsus

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