Agents of Socialization By: ryan wheeler

Early Childhood

Mass Media: I would watch Barney all the time and it helped me learn how to make new freinds.
Family: My grandparents were very caring and loving since I've been a child. They helped develop my sweet and caring side.

Elementary School

Family: They taught me respect and manners during this time period. All the lessons I've learned since then have stuck with me today.
School: My fourth grade English teacher, Mrs. Wiggins helped me learn how to write cursive.

Middle School

Peers: We have all been great friends since middle school and meeting these people taught me how to make friends and be sociable.
Peers: I stated taking baseball serious in middle school. Playing sports was probably one of this most influencicial activity in my life. I made most of my friends, learned life lessons from my coaches, and found a healthy way to spend my time.

High School

Family: They've kept me focused during my high school years on all the important things in life including school. They've provided support for me through my teenage years.
Mass Media: Music had shaped my life a lot as it helps me find new friends, determine the way I dress, and the way I talk.
Peers: These two have been my best friends throughout high school. I've always looked up to them because they were older then me so I took a lot of their style.
Mass Media: Social Media had made it much easier to communicate and often times I will tweet someone instead of speaking face to face.
Family: I want to continue with my girlfriend and start a family one day.
Education: I want to go to UNCW and study business.
Family: My parents will continue to have a huge impact on my life as I continue to grow up.
Family: I want to continue learning from my brother as I grow up.
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