The Civil Rights Movement Ch. 13, Less. 1

Discrimination: unfair treatment, particularly based on a race

Civil: having to do with citizens and their government

Integrate: to bring raves together

Boycott: to refuse to use

Civil disobedience: the refusal to obey laws that are considered unjust

In 1896 in Plessy v. Ferguson, the Court ruled that it was legal to have separate but equal facilities for African Americans. In reality, separate facilities were often not equal at all.

On May 17, 1954, the Court ruled 9-0 that separating schoolchildren by race went against the Constitution.

President eisenhower sent hunderes of federal troops to little rock to protect the african american students, and they entered the school.

About 75% of bus riders in Montgomery, Alabama were African American.

In January 1957, Dr. Martin luther king jr. and sixty other minsiters started a new organization called the southern christian leadership conference.

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