Pax Sara Pennypacker

"The tragic costs of war can be overcome by the kindness of others"

"People should tell the truth about what war costs" (130)

Vola tells this to Peter when they are in her log cabin, eating grilled cheese sandwiches and talking. She explains to him about how she lost her leg in the land mine, and how they brainwash the soldiers. For example, the text states that Vola said, "A leg is a very big price to pay. Every day, every single day, I wish I had it back”. That is a cost of war. Also, the kindness that goes with that is Peter convincing Vola, that she didn't do anything wrong, and that she should wear the prosthetic leg, rather than the heavy wooden leg that she has to haul around.

“Everything is broken. The fibers of the trees, the clouds, even the air is broken."

Peter says this quote when he is looking for Pax, in what used to be the gorgeous meadow, to a burned up forest. For example, in the novel it sates that the army had many land mines set up, and they probably set off, and destroyed everything. The text states that Peter and his friends used to call the tree by the dazzling lake, the Pirate tree because the golden leafs looked like precious treasures. Instead of golden leaves Peter found himself with black chars, and the water looked like black gunk. This is a huge cost, and the kindness of Pax accepting Peter was the only cure to this cost for Peter.


Pax is brave and kind
Pax is a young red fox who was tamed since he was 2 weeks old. he has no idea how to act wild when his owner, Peter abandons him on the side of road next to a war site. Pax is a character who is not only brave but is KIND. Kindness is one of the most important things when trying to survive the costs of war. One way Pax was kind was when the grey was dying. For instance, the text states that when grey was on the ground, shuttering his eyes, Pax lay next to him, comforting him, in his last few seconds of life. Pax states that he saw Grey's life flash before his own eyes, and then Grey's eyes closed and his body lAY STILL.


Runt is playful and kind
Runt is the younger brother of the very protective Bristle. Runt is playful, and kind. For example, the author states that runt came out of nowhere and playfully attacked Pax. Since Pax was in an angry mood he was annoyed and laid down. Then, Runt was kind enough to come back with worms as food, and then eggs. Pax was a huge fan of the eggs, and ate happily. This show that Runt was kind even though Pax was mad and wasn't that kind to him. Runt has a big heart, and he was even nice enough to keep watch for dangerous predators while Pax was asleep.


Bristle is Independent and kind
Bristle is an overprotective fox who cares about her loved ones, and not humans. Bristle is kind because the text states that she helped pax hunt. For example, it says that Bristle was pouncing on mice and teaching Pax how to survive and hunt. Since Pax knew nothing about the wild, he wasn't very good at it at first, but after a while he got the hang of it, and he got pretty good at thanks to Bristle.


A baseball bat has a great effect on the story "Pax" by Sara Pennypacker. When Peter was 7, he was swinging his own bat in his house with fury. Then, he accidentally broke his mother' s snow globe onto her white roses. Then, his mom drove away and got into a car accident, and died. Peter is convinced that this is all his fault. After Vola makes him a new bat he is hesitant, but then remembers that he shouldn't let this memory haunt him forever. He decides to start over again and create new beginnings by accepting Vola's bat.

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