What animal is the biggest rodent in the world? If you guessed the capybara your correct. Let's examine their environment, investigate their predators, and discover their diet and the incredible facts waiting to be discovered.


Capybaras have a normal but interesting diet.Capybaras eat up to 8lb. A day only of grass. They are also herbivores they eat plants and bark, They have really sharp teeth to bite meat and has a special digestive system. Hey I guess the capybaras do have a interesting diet.

This is a capybara eating there everyday food.


Capybaras have many predators. When a predator is near, they will dive into the water and hide from the predators. They have many predators like snakes, jaguar, caiman, eagles, pumas and ocelots. Also, they growl or bark when danger is near. The capybaras have a lot of predators.

This mother capybara is pretecting a capybara from there predators. In the vodeo down belo it show a mom capybara barking at predators.


Where do the capybaras live? Well capybaras live in central nourthern and southern America. The capybaras have really big family's up to 20-30 capybaras.

This isA capybara in its enviroment.


Capybaras are fascinating animals. They have a interesting diet, vicious predators, and a awesome environment. They are peaceful, cute animals and very lovable, and they care for everybody. Overall capybaras are one of the nicest animals in the world.

This is the capybara case I want for my iPod



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