Minecraft Club Creativity together

We run Minecraft Club for a variety of age groups, mixing imagination and science to enable children to create their own challenges, constructing their own worlds and activities with our team

We run Minecraft.edu as a safe space for children to learn to work collaboratively online. Minecraft Education edition allows teachers to set assignments, monitor behaviour and manipulate the learning environment.

Our server bosses pick worlds, control parameters and are generally awesome

We run three seperate groups at Minecraft Club. With 5-7 year olds we build towards working cooperatively together each week. Each week we introduce new stories which the children develop creative interpretations of. The 7-10 year old group work in simple science questions each week where we explore materials science through Minecraft resources. Our senior group of 10 years and older work on collaborative builds and coding in-game.

Each group collects stickers for task completion in Club

If you would like more information or are interested in joining Minecraft Club get in touch at hivedunedin@gmail.com

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Hive Dunedin

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