Focal Points By: lauren hill

Tango Team

The day my friends and I danced in front of my whole second grade class. At the time we thought it was the coolest idea to practice the tango every recess. We would practice and practice until we were ready to ask our teacher if we could perform. We would walk back and forth counting the steps in our heads. 1,2,3 dip 1,2,3 dip. The four of us were so proud of ourselves afterwards. But now we are all looking back at it shaking our heads and laughing at ourselves. But I did learn one thing about myself from doing that, that I never thought of before. I learned that I seem pretty confident on the outside, but on the inside I am very nervous and timid. During that dance I seemed like I was ready to go and that everything was going to be okay. But really inside I was scared. I see that now in my everyday life. During my first varsity field hockey game I act like I'm confident so the coach knows. But really I'm worried about messing up or making a mistake. This little thing that my friends and I did in second grade made me realize that sometimes I seem confident but on the inside I'm actually not as confident or relaxed as I seem.

The Name I Love to Call Mine

Lauren. My name isn’t that common but many people know it. I like this about my name. It has its own uniqueness of being uncommon but at the same time people don’t have to ask “How do you spell your name again?”

I have never really hated my name throughout my life. I like how it's easy to find those key chains with my name on them, and how substitute teachers can pronounce it without me having to correct them.

I have only met four people who I share my name with. I think that this is incredible since some people have met about twenty others who share that name.

These little things like this make my name a name I love to call mine.

Little Room With Big Memories

My living room isn’t the biggest, there’s a couch, love seat, and my great grandma’s rocking chair. So many memories are made in this room. From every Christmas opening gifts with my family. To all the Sundays spent with friends screaming at the tv thinking that the Patriots can actually hear what we are saying.

It’s Christmas morning. My family and walk down the stairs and then over to the living room where our Christmas tree is being hugged by presents. I can smell the fresh brewing of the coffee and the smell of pine lingering throughout the house. We all take turns opening presents, our emotions are filled with joy. Christmas days make some of the best memories in this room. Memories I will never forget.

This room is cozy and inviting with our big, white, detailed mantle that has pictures of my brother and I as kids sitting on top of it. In the winter we have fires in the fireplace. Having a fire is one of our family favorites. We all like to cozy up in comfy clothes and watch movies together. My dog even joins us by lying about a foot away from it.

The couches almost swallow you as you sit down. They are broken in and cozy. The love seat is claimed to be where my dad sits. He likes have that mini couch all to himself. Every memory made in this room is never dull. I know that these memories will be wandering around in my mind forever.

The Signature Scent

Her scent is distinguishable. When I smell that scent my first thought is my mom. This lotion she wears is her favorite. All I think of when I see it is her. It's fresh, smells like a mixture of clean cotton and soap. She ran out of that lotion at one point and couldn't find it anywhere. When I hugged her, it wasn't the same, her signature smell was gone. This lotion was luckily found again. Her scent was back. Her hugs were comforting and seemed like the way they used to be. This seems insane, but this scent really reminded me of my mom. And without her smelling like this, it didn't seem right. There is many things that remind me of my mom, and this signature scent is a big one.


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